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Community Outreach - Maveris helps the Potomac Valley Audubon Society improve their security posture.

On July 18th, 2023, as part of a Community Outreach engagement, Maveris served as independent Cybersecurity Auditors for the Potomac Valley Audubon Society (PVAS).  The assessment for PVAS  encompassed all of their Information and Cybersecurity programs. Maveris’s extensive knowledge, skills, and experience in these capability areas were leveraged in the analysis of PVAS’s current processes and capabilities.  With the analysis complete, our team identified their challenges and recommended adjustments to secure their systems and data.

Cory Kesecker, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst, led this effort and interviewed the staff and IT management personnel. Cory worked with PVAS’s team to walk through all the phases of their Cybersecurity Performance Goals, discussing what is currently in place, making observations, and identifying where improvements and/or enhancements could be made for little or no cost.

Maveris was able to provide valuable insight and made recommendations on how PVAS could make their environment even more secure moving forward.  This review has provided PVAS with a solid understanding and foundation to build upon for years to come.  Areas discussed included: password management, endpoint, network, physical security, asset inventory, vulnerability management, on-boarding and off-boarding employees, rules of behavior, standards, processes, and training.

Overall, Maveris was able to lay the groundwork for a strong security program leveraging PVAS’s existing capabilities and  hard work.  We will continue to provide advice and guidance to the non-profit organization as we continue to help veteran and non-profit organizations achieve a more secure environment for their employees, volunteers, and customers.

Community Outreach and giving back is a core value of Maveris.  We have been successful in building a strong business model that now affords us the opportunity to give back to those who need assistance and may be limited financially. Maveris professionals volunteer their time and expertise to help build and maintain a successful information and cybersecurity programs for those who require assistance.  It was a pleasure working with the PVAS team and we look forward to future engagements.

Kevin D Robins – Vice President, Cybersecurity

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