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Today Maveris has launched its Employee Innovation Program, a Maveris Labs initiative that gives employees the opportunity to receive company investment to turn their IT and cyber ideas into reality.


If you value something, you consider it intrinsically desirable. Maveris values innovation because it makes people’s lives better, opens new possibilities, and creates a better world. Maveris wants to be known for innovation and become an employer of choice for innovators. Investing in our employees and their ideas is our way of walking the walk.

How will the program work?

The EIP will be administered by a board composed of peer employees who oversee the program. Employees present their ideas to the board. The employee and the board work together to refine the idea, clarify the value proposition, and understand the resourcing need and timelines to develop the idea. Once the board concurs with the idea, the necessary company resources are allocated and the employee is given the green light to begin. Company resources could come in the form of funding to purchase something needed to develop the idea, time off of the employee’s normal day-to-day engagements, or time slices from other employees whose knowledge and skills may help.

What kinds of ideas can employees bring?

Ideas are as varied as our employees are themselves. While some ideas are big and could change the world in one fell swoop, most are more modest, incremental improvements that move the ball forward a yard at a time. New software and apps, new ways of deploying or integrating existing capabilities, process improvements, adapting COTS products to new environments, applying automation to customer environments, lab prototyping new capabilities…the possibilities are endless.

How do employees participate?

An employee distills the idea down to a user story: “As a [ persona ], I want [ goal ] so that [ reason ].” With this baseline in place, the employee then supports the idea with some background, defines the potential value proposition, and the projected company resource(s) needed. The idea is presented to the EIP board in one page or less.

What if an idea becomes profitable? Who owns the intellectual property?

Not all ideas may have the potential to be monetized, but some may. We believe employees should have the ability to reap the rewards of their idea. If an idea appears to have potential commercial viability, Maveris will work with the employee to put in place an equitable agreement that preserves the interests of employee and company. Our intent is to ensure the employee retains a sense of ownership of the idea, with the company granted rights to use the idea.


If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining the Maveris team, check out our careers page to see what new opportunities may be waiting for you, and be sure to visit our website and LinkedIn page for more information and updates!