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 Another six months has come and gone, which for Maveris means that another eNPS survey has been sent out and responses gathered. eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) is a simple but effective metric used to measure employee satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement.

In very short terms, employees anonymously rank the company on a scale of 1-10 with how likely they’d be to recommend it as a place to work. Scores (including comments) are gathered and categorized and produce an overall company score ranging from -100 to +100. Check out this article written by our favorite HRIS that explains in greater detail how it works.

Generally, a score is considered good when it is above 10 and great when it is above 30. Maveris employees have produced a company score of 89 this semi-annual round, which is clearly something to celebrate. 🎉

As a company constantly striving to improve, Maveris has conducted the survey every six months since January 2019. Leadership carefully reads over and considers each piece of feedback. Responses in the past have sparked conversations that ultimately led to company improvements such as enhanced trainings, PTO policy adjustments, and even a wellness program.

Of course, we’re ecstatic that, by and large, Maveris employees are happy to be here. Here are some good things they had to say in the January 2022 survey:

“Even though we are remote and spread all over, they make it feel like we are all in one space. The company has been great to work for and they definitely give off an employee-first feel and then follow up with actions proving they are an employee-first company. I am happy to be an employee for Maveris!”

“Great culture where the focus is on the people. There aren’t big egos in leadership and it’s about working together to provide the best service to our customers. We are provided the tools needed to do our jobs and the support from the corporate side of Maveris is great.”

“Comradery, challenging environments, autonomy, company itself treats you like a person, not a number, support, and a ton of smart people to bounce ideas off of. I love this company, it is always working hard to improve and build more business to keep people employed.”

“Maveris has a flat organization structure that encourages a culture of collaboration, inclusion, independence, and FUN! For me, company culture is the most significant contributor to my level of job satisfaction. I am also passionate about the Maveris mission as an SDVOSB. I appreciate the emphasis that Maveris places on giving back to Veterans, employees, and the nation.”

“Maveris is unlike any other place I’ve worked. There are so many great aspects of the company such as the culture, the benefits, the team, the leadership. I feel valued as an employee, and feel as if we are all working towards something great. I have no plans to leave Maveris in the future as I would like to grow within the company. I feel as if the leadership takes very good care of us as employees, and I especially love what they do to keep the morale going with events such as Maveris Olympics or Maveristmas. Thank you, thank you.”


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