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What summer is complete without a campfire?

At Maveris we like to get together throughout the year—virtually as we are spread out across the country—to get to know each other better and enjoy some friendly competition. This summer our schedules have been overflowing, so we took a moment to think about our options:

  1. Skip it! Everyone understands things get busy and we can tell them we will make the next event bigger and better.
  2. Force something that ends up not being a polished product.
  3. Call in reinforcements!

Skipping it seemed like the easy way out, but what fun is that? Forcing something and providing a less-than-polished event is counter to the point of an event. These events are in part an expression of our appreciation to our team for a job well done, so we want them to be great. That left us with calling in reinforcements, but we weren’t sure what that looked like.  In our searching we came across and were intrigued by their fun virtual offerings. We sat down with them, discussed their event options, and decided it was a great idea! We chose the tiny campfire package!

Tiny campfire logo

So, what is a tiny campfire?

The short answer is that our team attended a week of summer camp virtually in 90 minutes. We were separated into cabins where we agreed on cabin names: Porpoise Jockey, Moon River, Crystal Lake, Candymonium, and GooGoo GaGa. Within these teams we participated in challenges to earn points in an effort to win the camp cup! What tiny campfire event would be complete without a fire? Each participant was mailed a campfire scented candle and a s’mores kit! 

S'mores Kit


When teams chose their name, they were also to find the most unique summer story or tradition from within their group. These stories included tales of riding skateboards at 40mph, and school bus tipping (turns out it was school bus stop tipping). We then shared with the whole group and points were awarded by our camp counselor. 

Another of the challenges was for each team member to search their house for items they might need at camp. The camp counselor would then see how prepared each camper was. The more items you collected to match the counselor’s list, the more points your team was awarded. The last item was toilet paper, which the counselor then challenged one person from every team to see who could completely wrap their head first!

Toilet Paper Challenge

At the end of our campfire we were challenged to make a scrapbook page with our cabin to commemorate the stories told and fun we had at camp. Check out the artwork below to see representations of the winning events.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  These images aren’t the best you have ever seen. This is what happens when you are given Skype’s Annotate tool and two minutes.

And the winner is…

Overall the 🔥 Maveris Campfire 🔥 offered everyone an opportunity to have a little fun and get to know people they don’t work with daily. But in the end… there had to be a winner. Team Porpoise Jockey squeaked out a victory over Moon River.

If you are interested in joining a team that works and plays hard, be sure to check out the Maveris Careers Page for an opportunity that fits your skill set.

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