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Though any company could string together a list of words to describe itself, it is the actions taken and decision-making prowess that ultimately prove the words are appropriate.




Our goal is to drive excellence in each of our engagements as well as to give back to the greater IT community. As our customers encounter new challenges, it’s our desire to lead them into new possibilities. Doing what has always been done no longer works, but continuously reinventing the wheel also isn’t productive. Maveris develops tailored solutions for our customers based upon cutting edge technology and practices with a goal of solving problems efficiently and elegantly. Maveris’s approach begins with serving and getting to know our customers and their needs. You can’t successfully tailor a solution without knowing who it will serve or what it is meant to do – the human factor is too often overlooked within IT solutions. Maveris incorporates Human-Centered Design elements and agile management techniques to iteratively design solutions that do not merely work, but work well for the organization and its constituents. We often share our innovative solutions with the community through Maveris Labs.




As a service-disabled Veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), two of our drivers at Maveris are continued service to country and service to fellow Veterans. These drivers are exemplified in our dedication to the mission of one of our core customers, the Department of Veterans Affairs, taken from President Lincoln “to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.” As a technology company this might not initially make sense, as we don’t provide point of care service. However, when you consider that nearly every service offered by the VA has a technology component, Maveris’s resolute dedication to provide state-of-the-art technology and services ensures the VA IT infrastructure is secure and stable so the VA’s dedicated workforce is able to provide care to Veterans.

In addition to our direct service offerings, Maveris believes it is important to give back to the Veteran community. With this in mind, we are proud to team up with Leashes of Valor, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Gary Sinise Foundation, and Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation as a means to offer support to service members as they transition to Veteran status and civilian life.



Maveris is nothing if not the collective abilities of our team members, a large percentage of which are Veterans themselves. Those on the frontlines of service to our customers define our reputation. Knowing this, Maveris is committed to providing resources to our team members that allow them to develop personally and professionally. But we don’t stop there. As Aristotle stated “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts,” we know that the collaboration that occurs as a result of the relationships amongst our team members is more powerful than any individual’s offering. Maveris facilitates team growth through various methods including a monthly virtual lunch, hobby- and interest-based Slack channels (wood working, cooking, karaoke, sports talk, gaming, car talk, etc.), self-organized teams that participate in industry capture the flag events (CTFs), and virtual team building events like Maveristmas and the Maveris Olympics. Each of these is designed to allow team members from different contracts, with varying skill sets, who do not normally work together, to form relationships based upon common interests. Check out this recap of Maveris Olympics CTF event here. One of the main purposes of this event was to introduce our employees who have a different technical specialty to the world of OSINT and to stretch their abilities in a fun, team-building way.



While we are nerds at heart – many of our customer engagements entail hands-on keyboard development and problem solving – our employees are encouraged not to get lost in the weeds and to remember the overarching purpose of their work. In our experience, one of the most successful predictors of success in an employee is habitual curiosity. A person with a deep-rooted inquisitiveness, combined with the drive to seek answers, is an ideal Maveris employee. Sometimes answers are found through a bit of research or team collaboration, but oftentimes it is chasing the “what if” that is nagging at you. (Check out an ‘is it possible moment’ that Khris encountered in this Maveris Labs blog post.) Maveris team members are continuously challenging themselves and the way they have always done things to discover new innovations that not only solve yesterday or today’s problems, but take us one step closer to solving tomorrow’s.

These aren’t just words. This is who we are.

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