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Dheeraj Naidu - Selfie
At Maveris, we make it a point to recognize, be inclusive to, and connect with our team. Our “Maveris Selfie” seeks to highlight the culture, experiences, and personalities of our team members. 
For this selfie, we are happy to introduce Dheeraj Naidu!

Hey Dheeraj!  Can you start with an introduction of yourself and what you do at Maveris?

I have been with Maveris just over three years.  I started on a Digital Media and Malware Analysis (DMMA) team, performing forensic investigations and maintaining the forensic infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud. 

A little over a year ago I moved to the Cyber Defense Analytics (CDA) team. Our primary directive is to map vendor tool signatures/detections to MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques. We also create detections for techniques that have either low or no detections, when new attacks are discovered, and, last but not least, whatever gets thrown at us.  The past year was spent creating a Splunk Dashboard which provides a heat map type view of the MITRE tactics and techniques.  While some may think the work seems mundane, it is not in anyway boring. Everyday poses a new challenge, which I enjoy; it keeps me going. 


What made you choose or how did you end up in this career field?

I always wanted to get into IT. In 2002 I got my first break as a NOC technician and later in 2006 I got my first break in a SOC.


What time of the day do you believe you do your best work?

Between 7 and 9 in the morning for me. This is the time when the world is still waking up and is quiet and calm. The calm before the storm.


What was your first job?

Selling credit cards for Standard Chartered Bank.


If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Create portals to travel to any place in a blink of an Eye.


If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you bring?

My trusty knife, Bottle of scotch/bourbon, and David Attenborough (This dude knows every animal and plant species). 

How do you relax outside of work?

I love to cook, build, ride motorcycle, drink scotch/bourbon. I can be found working on a carpentry project in my garage, riding my Ducati, or building Legos with my son. I also love to cook Indian food (as long as it is meat).  However, for me, food has to be spicy.  If it’s not spicy, it is not delectable. I also love to drink scotch and bourbon as well as to mix drinks (I am the unofficial bartender at home parties).

Check out the images below to see two of Dheeraj’s carpentry projects.

Bench with lid
End grain cutting board

Dheeraj is an important part of Maveris. We love not only the dedication he has for the customer, but his commitment to the team. His demeanor is second to none. 

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