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Maveris Selfie - Kat Dolan
At Maveris, we make it a point to recognize, be inclusive to, and connect with our team. Our “Maveris Selfie” feature seeks to highlight the people, culture, experiences, and personalities of our team members. 
For this selfie, we are happy to introduce Kathryn (Kat) Dolan!

Hi Kat, thanks for doing this interview. Let’s get into it! What is your role at Maveris?

I am an IT Analyst, which means I get to work with all kinds of clients and collaborate with other contractors serving as a technical advisor and hands-on tech person.


And how did you first learn about this company?

I was applying to tons of jobs on and just generally searching for IT-based and technology positions. The Maveris post sounded like something I wanted to do, so I applied, and got contacted.


Well now that you are here, and we are very happy you are, what are three (3 )words you would use to describe Maveris?

Innovative. Kind. Non-hierarchical (it’s a mostly flat structure). 


I think I would agree with those three words. Good call! So, has Maveris been helpful to you in your career development so far?

Maveris has helped in so many ways! I started on a contract as an IT analyst but since, with Maveris’s help, I’ve added many more titles to my name. Maveris gave me the confidence to pursue opportunities that I once considered out of reach. With limited experience, I was able to develop a SharePoint site, create Power BI reports, automate processes, etc. I have also been included in projects such as the Maveris Agile Accelerator so I can grow as a developer. Maveris leadership really tries to find areas where I can thrive on the software development path.


Well that’s great to hear. Sounds like you are happy where you are but, if you could switch your job with anyone else on the team, whose job would you want?

One of the “Red Team” members because all the hacking stuff they do is really cool. It’s different from programming and seems like an interesting job.


I can see you doing that. Up next is, do you have any advice for prospective IT candidates?

Well this is my first professional role out of college but, If applying to Maveris, it is a small company which means you can build rapport with senior leadership. Access to leadership is more personal at Maveris, and allows for creative ideas being accepted from everyone. Maveris is open to ideas from everyone, at every level.


I agree, that is important and makes a huge difference. What has been your favorite project while working here?

A “Power BI” dashboard for a senior executive in the government. It was awesome that my product is used to brief members of senior leadership on an ongoing basis.


That is pretty cool. And it will likely be used for a long time into the future too! Okay, so, random question but, do you have any random facts you could share with us?

Hmm, well, 11% of the US population thinks HTML is actually a disease.


That’s too funny! Is it true?



What do you like to do in your spare time?

Code. Play with my cats. Build apps. 


Okay last question. What is the best vacation you’ve been to?

The Dominican Republic. I went for my Grandparent’s Birthday. There were unlimited “slushies” where we stayed, and they had a really great steakhouse in the area too.


Sounds amazing. Well that’s all the questions. I enjoyed your answers Kat, and thank you for volunteering to do this interview for our Employee Spotlight! 

 Thank you!


Best of luck on your future projects, and I look forward to catching up again soon.

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