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Maveris and Valley College - Graduate

On March 29th, 2023, Maveris’s Vice President of Cybersecurity, Kevin Robins, served as an independent assessor of Valley College’s Cybersecurity degree programs. Valley College required someone from industry with extensive experience, knowledge, and skills to assess the overall program and identify any shortfalls or make recommendations for improvements to keep up with the ever-evolving cybersecurity industry.

As an advisor, Kevin received a tour of the facility and evaluated their ability to support their students. He received a demonstration of the schools’ capabilities to teach an online degree program, including the applications used for lectures, discussion topics, live interactions, and distribution of learning materials. Additionally, he evaluated their grading rubrics, labs, and use of special career counselors to address student’s individual needs. Throughout the interview and evaluation stages of the review, Kevin was able to have great conversations with administrators on other aspects of the program, such as graduation and employment rates.Their courses not only offer students the ability to obtain a degree, but also prepare them for and provide a voucher for them to take and pass an industry recognized certification; Network Plus (Associate’s) or Security Plus (Bachelor’s).

Overall, Maveris was able to provide real-world insight into challenging areas that exist in industry where Valley College could provide additional training and education to provide their students with a leg up as they look to join the workforce. This was a great opportunity for us to give back to our local community and build a strong relationship with the education community in an effort to fill professional gaps in an ever-evolving cybersecurity workforce.

Building relationships and partnering with Higher Education is extremely important to Maveris.  The opportunity to support our educational system and enable quality cybersecurity professionals to prepare for the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape is in our DNA. It was a pleasure serving as an evaluator and building that relationship with Valley College and the institutions Cybersecurity Administrators.

Kevin D Robins – Vice President, Commercial Cybersecurity

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