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Maveris wins NEDIIS

Maveris, in partnership with Salient CRGT (now GovernmentCIO aka “GovCIO”), submitted the winning bid for the Network Engineering, Design, Implementation and Infrastructure Support (NEDIIS) contract at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

“It is a privilege for us to be able to support the Nation’s Veterans as we fulfill our mission of helping our clients connect fearlessly. Through the NEDIIS program we will continue to lead in the development of large scale network architectures for the VA and we are excited to see the great things the VA together with this team will accomplish over the next five years.”

– Ron Cangley, CEO Maveris

This recompete is a 5-year award providing architecture, engineering, and operational support to the the VA WAN (Wide Area Network) and the VA TICs (Trusted Internet Connections) which provide the agency with its connectivity to the Internet, as well as with its business partners, cloud service providers, and remote employees and contractors.

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