Maveris Policies

Maveris is an IT and cybersecurity company committed to helping organizations create secure digital solutions to accelerate their mission. We are Veteran-owned and proud to serve customers across the Federal Government and private sector. Maveris can help accelerate your organization with secure digital solutions so you can connect fearlessly.

Security Policy

For years, security for many organizations was simply tacked onto the end of schedule. At Maveris, security is driven based upon risk, legal and regulatory requirements, and industry best practices. Effective incorporation of security iteratively throughout the lifecycle of information and information systems is the only means to ensure secruity is built into every aspect of our process, from planning, to designing, to testing, to deployment, and ultimately to operations and maintenance. To achieve optimum security standard Maveris will:

      • Closely adhere to and monitor compliance with information security compliance requirements, guidelines, and processes.
      • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems and adhere to the highest standard of compliance, professionalism, and integrity for all information security activities.
      • Impletement a culture of information security and data protection though training and awareness.

Quality Policy

Maveris is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing high-quality services and support, guided by industry standards and best practices. Maveris achieves this through:

      • Relationships – Both our relationships with our team members and our customers are defined by trust, commitment, and excellence. By investing in our team members, through training, mentoring, effective communication, and engagement, we ensure they possess the knowledge, skills, and necessary commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers. Each of us have experienced environments where 20% of the people do 80% of the work. At Maveris, we are the 20%. We drive process improvements and innovation because of our first-hand knowledge and passion for the mission.
      • Communication – Effective communication is pertinent when it is good or bad news. Taking time to celebrate achievements of a job well done reignites the drive of a team to push themselves through the next challenge. Delivering and receiving adverse communication well, can, and should, be a unifying moment for a team to proactively establish a mitigation strategy while managing risks to complete the mission.
      • Progression – We possess a commitment to our team and to our cusomters to learn from yesterday and prepare and advance ourselves to be ready for the challenges we will face tomorrow. As we complete each phase of a project, a retrospective analysis allows us to identify our successes and augement our trajectory. We collectively overcome our weaknesses and provide training and assistance where and when needed to be a better team and provide a better solution to our customers.
      • Innovation – One of the most successful predictors of success in a team member is habitual curiosity. A person with deep-rooted inquisitiveness, combined with the drive to seek answers and solve problems, is an ideal Maveris team member. Sometimes answers are found through a bit of research and collaboration, but oftentimes it is chasing the”what-if” that is nagging at you. This drive combined with out commitment to training and education for each team member, provides the necessary foundation to challenge the ways things have always been done and to discover new solutions that not only solve yesterday or today’s problems, but take us one step closer to solving those of tomorrow.

Environmental Policy

Maveris is committed to managing environmental impact as an integral part of our operations. In particular, it is our policy to assure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities at all times. To minimize our environmental impact, Maveris will:

      • Comply with legal and other requirements that relate to environmetal aspects.
      • Include the consideration of environmental issues in our business strategy and intitiatives.
      • Prevent pollution, reduce waste, and minimize consumption of resources by ensuring operations are as efficient as possible.
      • Seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance and promote environmental responsibility among our customers, vendors, and team members.


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