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One of the core drivers at Maveris is service to Veterans, see our Maveris Is… post. This has taken on multiple forms such as supporting Leashes of Valor, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Gary Sinise Foundation, and Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation as they serve our nation’s Veterans.

Recently, Maveris had the opportunity to be a sponsor of the Saluting Her Service: Honoring Women Veteran Entrepreneurs event. This event sets itself apart from traditional social events by affording women Veterans an opportunity to showcase their business idea to a panel of judges throughout the day.  During the evening’s reception Daymond John spoke to the guests and then the winning business pitch was announced along with the presentation of a $20,000 grant.

Maveris believes this event provides instruction, mentorship, and a community building environment to support the women of our country who have given of themselves in support of our nation. Our goal is to participate in and sponsor events of this kind to help them build confidence, relationships, and their business to support themselves, their families, and their brothers and sisters.

I believe the Honoring Women Veteran Entrepreneurs event will be empowering and inspirational for all Veterans. Knowledge, networking, and passion are all keys to success in the business arena and this event will undoubtedly foster all three for entrepreneurs.

Ron Cangley – President and CEO

If you would like to support this event or others like it, visit the event host Warrior Rising, volunteer at a Veteran-focused organization or volunteer directly at your local Veterans Affairs location.