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Packet Travels Collage

At Maveris, we make a conscious effort to create opportunities to engage our team members and provide avenues for everyone to get to know each other. This has taken many forms to include our virtual holiday events, like Maveristmas and Maverisween, as well as other events like Maveris Olympics, CTFs (capture the flag), and a virtual campfire. As everyone was preparing for their summer vacations, we launched a Packet Travels initiative.

Who is Packet?

Packet is the Maveris mascot. Since our first Maveristmas, a dolphin has been a part of just about everything we do. Initially showing up in a digital Christmas card, a dolphin quickly began appearing in team members’ competition submissions and regular conversation. Late last summer, we officially made Packet our mascot and he has participated in all of our events since.

What is Packet Travels?

With so many of the Maveris team working a full remote schedule, spread out around the country, we wanted to provide a way to share some of the excitement and fun everyone is experiencing throughout their summer. In May, everyone was mailed a Packet with a QR code on the back which links to our #packet_travels Slack channel. Team members are encouraged to carry Packet along with them as they attend picnics and weddings, take cruises, enjoy a weekend camping trip, or do just about anything fun and exciting.

Immediately as team members began receiving Packet in the mail, they were taking him along on amazing adventures! So far, he has been to Mt. Washington in Maine, through the Bahamas on a cruise ship, to the national yoyo convention in Arizona, on a scenic ride through Guardsman Pass near Park City, and to a wedding in Ohio. He has run a 10k in Virginia, attended a Gamer’s Rave, attended a reenactment in a historic courthouse, and so much more. With each new post, we are able to get a glimpse into the life of a team member and experience areas we might have never traveled to ourselves. 

During Packet’s travels, we have heard stories of the friends and family of our team members getting excited and suggesting ideas of when and where to take Packet on his next adventure. This has been, and continues to be, a great initiative giving us a view into the lives, traditions, and cultures of our team members.

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